Motive Products was formed in 1998 when Matt Newman needed to bleed the clutch on his BMW. When he found that there was no effective tool on the market for under $200, the Power Bleeder was born.

Over the last 10 years, the Power Bleeder has been used by racers, enthusiasts, home mechanics, and professional mechanics; men and women, young and old. Many of these people have little or no experience in bleeding brakes. To our great pride, the Power Bleeder has been universally praised as an effective tool that is simple to use.

Our products are proudly produced in the U.S. We make our tools with great care and the quality of our products is our core focus.

We are dedicated to our customers and channel partners. It is important to us that all those who use our products have a service experience second to none.

If you have been doing business with us, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and believe you'll agree that our commitment to produce and support quality tools is unquestionable. If you are considering doing business with us, we invite you to try our products and are confident that you will benefit from our relationship.

In early 2008 Motive Products was purchased by two auto enthusiats, Eric Leicher and Marco Romani. One of the first things they did was move Motive Products from Oakland California to Gilroy California. Eric has been a gear head since birth and has an extensive background in rebuilding classic cars and in the automotive parts business. Marco also has been fascinated by all things run by an internal combustion engine since birth and he has a background in club racing and endurance racing along with being a licensed pilot.

Marco and Eric are looking to improve and widen the product line. We are open to suggestions for product improvements and also for new products. Do you have an idea for an automotive tool but don't want to start an entire company to bring it to market? If so please contact us.

Since our fateful beginning in a garage in Berkeley, California we continue on our mission to produce effective quality tools at a reasonable price.

Enjoy our products!

The Motive Products Team